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iindigo.co.uk provides digital services such as website setup, design and hosting.

I've known Mark Draper for years now, and he is the go-to guru for any business problem that you've got. I have used him for helping me set up my website for my business page and it's been brilliant.


He's so helpful with everything and my YouTube channel, which he's recently helped me with, has gone from strength to strength. He's so experienced in everything that he does. He's very, very helpful as well.


And I just couldn't wish for a better person to go to because nothing is too much trouble for him. He's really, really helpful, and he's so knowledgeable about everything as well.


So I'm really grateful to him for everything that he's done and I would highly recommend him. So thank you so much, Mark. For all the help that you've given me over the years, I really appreciate it.

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Public Relations Activities


Help you craft press releases and outreach emails. 

Digital marketing


Create eBooks to attract new leads. Advertise on social media.

Online collaboration


Collaborate online via video meetings and cloud workspaces



Edit your video footage to tell your story or create snackable videos for social media.



Create a new website for your project, arranging the tricky technical stuff like hosting.

Project management


Provide your projects with structure and organization, helping you clearly set goals and milestones. 

Digital projects require a digital toolbox

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Turning your ideas into reality

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We'll take on your challenge.

We don't just build websites, we offer a full package of services to help you turn your business ideas into reality. We'll help with everything including marketing, branding, customer support and launching your website.


We solve business problems with creative thinking and technical expertise.

We develop the whole package.


Entrepreneurship can be hard work! You need experience to help you keep going. With years of experience available an ongoing support package will help you build and grow your business with one-to-one support. Get help with anything from business development ideas to a nagging problem that won't go away.

We offer ongoing support.


If you've got a challenge, we've got a way to solve it. From business start-ups to established businesses, iindigo helps you define your strategy, build your team, create your brand, manage your content and market your products and services.


Whether you’re a small business, an established brand, or a start-up, we’ll help you meet your goals.


- Laura Irons -

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